Teenage girl fakes pregnancy to get out of speeding ticket

Young girl creates bump to avoid penalty fine


A teenager in Idaho tried to get out of a speeding ticket by pretending she was pregnant and in labour.


The juvenile claimed she was 34 weeks along and was driving and swerving erratically because the baby was coming.

However, the more Sgt Mike Winans spoke to the young girl it was clear she had stuffed something under her shirt to make her look pregnant.

The teen was pulled over on the Interstate 15 Thursday morning and has been charged with obstruction of an officer and inattentive driving, as well as possession of tobacco and drug paraphernalia.

As one mum proved, it is possible to drive yourself to hospital while you’re having contractions. Amazing mum Amanda drove herself to the hospital while going into labour, even stopping to pick her hubby Joseph up on the way.

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