Teenager’s quick thinking saves baby’s life

A teenage girl managed to revive a baby having learnt first aid skills just weeks before


A 16-year-old school girl has been praised for her quick thinking, which saved the life of a baby boy last week. 


School girl Naa Kai rushed to help 14-month-old baby Hector after coming across his frantic mum in a street in Hackney.

Mum Gianna Gudsell had been washing her son Hector when he slipped in the bath and banged his head, knocking himself out.

The panicked mum ran out of the house, holding her unconscious baby and callling for help.

“He stopped breathing and he had his eyes open,” said Gianna, reports the Metro.

“I honestly thought he was gone. She grabbed the baby from my arms. It was like she was a doctor – I thought she was much older,” Gianna added.

The teenager, who lives locally, had taken the St John’s skills course just weeks before.

“Because I knew what to do, I wasn’t scared. As soon as I heard the baby wasn’t breathing I just took charge,” said Naa.

Naa was congratulated by the ambulance crew who went on to take little hector to Homerton Hospital.

He’s now back at home safe and sound.

“I felt like he was in safe hands. Although I didn’t know her, I just trusted her,” said Gianna.

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