Terminally ill mum leaves daughter a guide to life

A young mum has planned ahead so that she will always be a part of her daughter’s life, even when she’s gone


Katrina Hobbs, 25, is terminally ill with cancer, but it hasn’t stopped her being part of her 3-year-old daughter’s future birthdays, wedding day and even when she has a baby of her own.


Having written cards and five-minute video messages for Ella on each of her birthdays, notes of congratulations on passing her exams, her first home, a newborn baby boy or girl and has even left a legacy of advice to guide her during the ups and downs of life.

“I know that when she is older she will face tough times and will have problems. She might be stressed, or questioning herself, so I have written to tell her not to worry if she’s feeling confused, that it’s natural and she’ll be ok. If she gets bullied ive written to say it’s probably because she’s unique, and that she should celebrate that because it’s what makes her special,” said Katrina, reports the Telegraph.

Katrina is suffering from Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma and has more than 12 tumours in her lungs. She is only one of four people in the world known to be suffering from this form of cancer.

“Ella knows some people can’t find a medicine that works and they pass away. She’s adapted very well and I’m really proud of her,” said Katrina.

Katrina is also currently writing a book dedicated to Ella about her experience. 

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