Tesco tells dad to leave for carrying daughter on his shoulders

Supermarket that banned pyjamas sparks new row


Supermarket giant Tesco asked a customer to leave one of its stores because he was carrying his daughter around on his shoulders.


Martin Dunkley, 45, from Cambridgeshire, walked into Tesco’s Bar Hill store with his 6-year-old daughter, Natalie, on his shoulders, only to be challenged by a security guard. The security guard asked him to take her down or leave the store as they supposedly posed a risk to other shoppers.

Dad Martin couldn’t believe his ears, and has commented, “I think she was far safer on my shoulders rather than running the risk of being hit by a trolley. This pettiness gives health and safety a bad name.”

Martin also said of his shoulder carrying, “We call it Nat-nav because she directs me around the shop telling me to go left or right or straight ahead.” So cute!


Tesco already sparked a row after banning customers wearing pyjamas while shopping, while an express store in the West Midlands has also banned school children from wearing blazers and taking bags into its store in a bid to stop shoplifting.


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