There's been an overwhelming amount of exciting new parenting product launches today. But seeing as it's April 1st, we're taking them all with a pinch of salt.


See the outrageous and brilliant baby products below. Oh, and we've added in just one that's true... can you guess which one is real?

BMW Sleeping Machine - A cot that 'drives' babies to sleep

BMW has introduced the BMW ZZZ Series Cot which has been dubbed the ‘Ultimate Sleeping Machine’.

BMW says the baby cot ‘embodies the spirit of The Ultimate Driving Machine’.

The BMW ZZZ is a fusion of German engineering and advanced technology that will help your baby ‘sleep better, for longer, in safety and comfort’.

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It features an illuminated night-light BMW badge and is smartphone controlled.

BMW has created a dedicated website for more info.

And don't forget the BMW baby creation launched on April 1st last year - the BMW Royal Baby Pram


Kiddicare Ultim8 - The smartphone remote controlled stroller

Kiddicare has released the first ever smartphone-controlled stroller.

The Ultim8 is the essential travel solution for the high-tech parent. The buggy is controlled through your smartphone, with cruise control for optimum pavement performance. It does 0-7mph in 5 seconds, has indicators and rear brake lights, and also includes GPS tracking for off-road adventures.

See full details of this smart buggy and a special offer


Mumsie - The onesie for new mums

The very first onesie with built in baby essentials, that allows new mums to monitor their babies from the loo has been launched today.

The Mumsie, created by Cussons Mum & Me has everything the modern new mum needs whilst in the house.

It has a built in baby monitor, a bottle holder, reinforced shoulder pads, built-in muslin, breast flaps and a baby wipe holder.

“We know that becoming a mum isn’t easy," says Cussons Mum & Me. "There’s so much to learn and everything needs doing all at once. That’s why we’ve created the modern ‘Mumsie’ which is designed to help mums with the amazing realities of becoming a mum. From wiping today’s lunch off the little one’s face to monitoring the baby when in the loo, mum can now do everything with a unique onesie built with everything they’ll need.”


Thudguard Infant Safety Hat - Toddler head and brain protector

Thudguard Infant Safety Hat has been developed to protect the heads of active toddlers from the 'world of hard surfaces'.

As the makers of the Thudguard explain, it's normal for young children to sustain bumps and bruises occasionally as part of exploring but you can protect your toddler's brain from the furniture and hard surfaces in your home and outside in the garden - with a Thudguard.

The impact tested protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls and less the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.


Thorpe Bark - Theme park for family dogs

The worlds first dog-friendly theme park, Thorpe Bark, now welcomes canines of all shapes and sizes.

Built as an add-on to the Thorpe Park Resort, Thorpe Bark enables guests to give their dogs the chance to enjoy thrilling rollercoasters, while their owners are whizzing round on their own rides.

For 4-legged guests who prefer relaxing, Thorpe Bark will also offer a 5-star kennel service and offer doggy snacks and drinks to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

A Thorpe Park Resort spokeswoman says: “After constant requests from owners, we have decided to finally open the Park to dogs so they too can enjoy the thrilling rides. We’ve tested each ride extensively with our volunteers, and apart from a few nervous barks on Stealth, our guests rated it five woofs out of five."


Bio-Grow Kicks - The incredible growing shoes

Experts at the Wearable Technology Research Hub have developed the Bio-Grow Kicks that grow with your children’s feet.

The £40 shoe is set to save British parents hundreds of pounds by using an exciting-sounding reactive bio-textile that responds to your child's growth.

Chris Perrett from, the money-saving site behind the project says: “With British parents spending an average of £1,200 on shoes from the time a child starts to walk to the age of 10 – the new Bio-Grow Kicks will be a welcome addition to the savvy-saver’s arsenal.”


So how do they grow? The shoes have inbuilt micro-sensors that detect signs of growth - such as incremental temperature rises and increased pressure on key points of the shoe. Once detected, this triggers the shoe material to start growing in the relevant areas.