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The dangers of dog poo for children

Infection from dog poo could cause toddler to lose sight in one eye

Toddler Amiee Langdon wiped her face with a hand covered in dog poo after falling in a playground, and may now become blind in her left eye, reports the Metro.


Amiee, who is 2 next week, wiped her eye, before her mum Suzanne was able to stop her.

Although mum Suzanne cleaned Amiee’s eye as quickly as possible, it became infected, which has caused her eye to swell. Doctors fear that she may not be able to see out of her left eye again.

“She wiped her eye before I could get to her,” mum Suzanne told the Metro.

“I wiped her eye and face as fast as I could and took her straight home to bathe her eye. It was just awful. There is a sign saying ‘no dogs’ near the entrance to the play area.”

Amiee developed flu-like symptoms before waking in pain during the night. Mum Suzanne then took her to hospital and Aimee is now receiving antibiotics.

“I hope this extremely upsetting incident makes irresponsible dog owners understand the very real consequences of failing to pick up after their dogs,” added Paul Andrews, council spokesman in Fallowfield, Manchester.


Last year, we reported on a council advertising campaign in Devon, which showed a toddler eating dog poo. While controversial, dog mess on the streets fell by more than half.


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