The ‘fed is best’ photography series you really need to see

Snapper Mikaela Bodkin's latest photoshoot is making waves on the internet…


We come across a lot of interesting, unusual and powerful baby photography here at MFM. But every once in a while, something will really stand out to us and get us all talking…


This time, it’s a series of beautiful images by photographer Mikaela Bodkin.

They all show babies being fed in different ways – with breastmilk, with a bottle, and with expressed milk.

Take a look here…

fed is best
fed is best
fed is best

Mikaela shared the inspiration behind the series in an interview with TODAY: the fact that she was a malnourished baby, who was bottle-fed after being adopted from an orphanage in Romania.

“No matter how you feed your child, if you’re providing a necessity of life, you’re doing the best you can do,” she told TODAY Parents.

“Not everyone can breastfeed and some women really enjoy breastfeeding and I think it’s up to the mom either way.”

She also talked about the judgy mum-shaming that surrounds the topic – and how it’s really time for it to stop.

And while it has been proven that breastfeeding your baby in the first 6 months (where possible) does have health benefits, we’d certainly agree that it’s time for judgement about feeding needs to be nipped in the bud.

Hopefully Mikaela’s gorgeous pics will contribute towards that ?

Images: Mikaela Shannon

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