Those first few moments after giving birth – when you get to meet your baby for the first time – are about as magical as life gets.


The overwhelming sense of relief is only just overcome by the rush of the falling-in-love hormone oxytocin. So can you remember what the first thing you said after giving birth was?

We asked our MFM mums to share what they said as soon as their baby was born - here's what you told us:

1. "Hello baby" - Jo

2. "You didn't hang around, did you?" - second baby, Jo

3. "Why isn't he crying?" - Samantha

4. "OMG look at her hair, she's beautiful!" second baby, Samantha

5. "Oh my god, is that the right baby? He's 3 months old - Stacey on seeing her 10lbs baby

6. " I don't want to see him, don't let me see him" - Sarah

7. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry for all the swearing" - Laura

8. She's definitely a Ffion" - Jessica

9. "Oh my gosh. Hello" - Emma

10. "You were worth it!" - Maria

11. "Is Kai out yet?" - Kirstie

12. "Oh my God, I really love him" - Kelly

13. "It's a baby!" - Amber

14. "Can I have a drink of water?" Midwife: "You can have champagne, now!" Me: No, I'll just have water" - Emma

15. "It's supposed to be a boy - Sarah-Louise


16. "Oh no, I don't like blood, get her off me" - Amy

17. "Can someone shut that bloody baby up?" Carla with baby number 2

18. "Why isn't he crying?" - Sophie

19. "She just peed on me, I can feel it trickling down my arm!" - Gemma

20. "You're a girl and you have big feet"

21. "I've had a baby! I'd forgotten I was having a baby" - Debs

22. "I'm starving - can I order some turkey sandwiches?" - Jeniffer

23. "Is he OK? His ears don't match" - Joanne

24. "She looks like a jelly baby" - Kirsty

25. "Oh my god, you're so tiny, though you didn't feel that coming out" - Kate

26. "I'm not pregnant anymore!

27. "Happy birthday!" - Alice

28. "She felt like an octopus" - Amy

29. "Look what we made" - Kathrynann

30. "You're mine!" - Terri

Can you remember what you said after you'd just given birth? Let us know in the comments below.

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