The Game Of Thrones effect: Parents in America name their babies after TV show characters

The character names in hit TV show Game of Thrones seems to be catching on with our friends across the pond with babies being named Khaleesi and Arya.

the-game-of-thrones-effect-parents-in-america-name-their-babies-after-tv-show-characters_48140 has reported that Khaleesi, a made up name in an imaginary language in the hit show Game of Thrones has been so popular that 146 baby girls in the United States have reportedly been named Khaleesi.


The meaning of the name is “queen” in the Dothraki language – which is a made up language by George R.R Martin; the author of the books.

The increasing popularity of giving baby names from an imagined language from hit TV shows may be on the increase as Game of Thrones may have started off a popular trend…

Did you name your baby after one of your favourite characters from a TV show or book?

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