British buggy brand Silver Cross, a firm favourite of the Royal Family, is known for splashing out and making the occasional luxurious pushchair. Its bespoke Balmoral pram starts at £1,450 and goes up to an insane 40k for the special rose gold edition.


And now Silver Cross is about to release its first ever Group 1 car seat – the Quantum. And it's a quantum leap in price from normal car seats.


Looking like it’ll be one of the most expensive seats of its kind on the market, the £750 lavish baby seat is being sold exclusively at Harrods - where else darling?

Finished in premium, high-grade Italian leather and Alcantra suede, the seat has been inspired by luxury car maker Aston Martin, according to Silver Cross.

And it actually looks like it would fit nicely in the back of James Bond’s favourite sports car.


But that’s enough about aesthetics; safety-wise the car seat features a patented system called SA-ATS. That stands for shock absorber and automatic tensioning system to you and me.

It uses two components: hydraulics to reduce the impact energy in a frontal collision, and mechanical tilting to apply harness tension, which promises to restrain your child more effectively in the case of a crash.

The Quantum also comes with the usual features you’d expect from a Group 1 chair, such as a five-point safety harness, four reclining positions and a padded headrest.


You can fit the car seat with either an ISOfix base or a car seat belt, making it easier if you have to move it from the Range Rover to the BMW X5.

Being a Group 1 seat it’s suitable from 9 months to 4 years. However this means it’s only forward-facing unlike many new Group 1s that are rear-facing for longer, which seems like a missed opportunity given its price tag.


Silver Cross has only made 1000 limited-edition Quantum car seats, so you’ll have to motor down to Knightsbridge to snap one up. Not sure if it will suit our Vauxhall Corsa though...