The Saturdays’ baby club: new pics

Pop stars Frankie, Rochelle and Una share photos of their babies and toddler

Daddy’s girl Photo: Instagram/Rochelle Humes

Una turns stylist Photo: Instagram/Una Foden

Parker’s winter cuddles

On these dark winter mornings we all wish we could savour those few extra moments in bed.


But Frankie Sandford is taking full advantage by staying cosy with her 2-month-old son – lucky thing!

She posted this photo on Instagram of her cuddling up to baby Parker.

Frankie commented: “cuddles”

Alaia-Mai is Daddy’s girl

Mum-of-1 Rochelle Humes had a rude awakening as she returned to stormy UK weather after her New Year holiday to the Maldives.

But 7-month-old Alaia-Mai looks happy to be home!

The tot cuddled up to dad Marvin and planted a big kiss on his face.


Aoife Belle’s pigtails

Getting your little one to sit still while you tame their locks can be quite a challenge.

But it seems Una Foden has no such trouble, as she posted this adorable picture of Aoife Belle sitting patiently while her hair is brushed into pigtails.

Una commented: “She loves having her hair done!”

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