The smell of childhood is…toast!

Scientists discover that toast is loved by all ages as its smell reminds us of happy childhood memories


Toast has been listed as a favourite breakfast food as the comforting smell of warm bread reminds adults of when they were children, according to a new study.


The research, by Cardiff University, discovered that although there’s a wide range of breakfast choices available, 82% of Britons simply wanted toast to help start their day.

According to Professor Tim Jacobs, who conducted the study, the smell of toast often reminds people of some of their early experiences with food, as toast is one of the first solids that many children have.

“Children’s minds are constantly developing,” explained Professor Tim.

“Therefore it’s not really surprising to find that people exposed to toast as children have a much stronger affinity for the smell in later life.

“Although that’s presuming, of course, that they had a positive experience in their childhoods,” said Professor Tim.


Does toast remind you of your childhood? Let us know…

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