The Smurfs – as you’ve never seen them before!

The blue-skinned Smurfettes make their fashion debut, striking a pose in Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana outfits just before their movie release


The Smurfs in high-end fashion

Following the revealing of an exclusive film trailer in June last year, The Smurfs movie is finally set to hit the cinema on August 10.


To celebrate the upcoming film release, the blue-skinned Smurfettes have ‘posed’ for a shoot in Harper’s Bazaar magazine in a range of fabulous, high-end fashion outfits straight off the autumn/winter catwalk.

Popstar Katy Perry is one of the starring voices of the movie, appearing as a fun-loving Smurfette. Although Katy Perry’s appearance in Sesame Street got her banned, we’re sure her debut in The Smurfs movie will get the approval of life-long Smurf fans.

A Smurfette is also the star of the Harper’s Bazaar fashion story. In this shot, she wears Marc Jacobs upcoming A/W 11 range, complete with matching polka dot gloves.


Smurfette in Lanvin

Following the likes of fellow animation characters who’ve tried their hand at being a fashion model – like Miffy and her impressive collection of couture outfits – this Smurfette cuts a fine figure in her head-to-toe Lanvin look.


Smurfette in Dolce & Gabbana

Showing off her star-studded accessories, this Smurfette rocks the A/W 11 Dolce & Gabbana range.


Smurfette in Louis Vuitton

Miss. Piggy eat your heart out! Never mind The Muppets movie, released in 2012 , it’s all about The Smurfs! This Louis Vuitton get-up is making us green (or shall we say blue) with envy.

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