The time has come to say goodnight to CBeebies….at 9pm?!

Children's channel could extend its viewing time by two hours


For many parents, the sound of the Bedtime Hour song heralds that it’s time for their littles ones to get to bed.


You know the routine – an hour of calm-down TV with Iggle Piggle or perhaps in the wonderful world of Waybuloo followed by a bedtime story and dulcet tones singing those magical words, “The time has come, to say good night, to say farewell to the morning light” – come on, you know you know the words…

But in their latest strategy review, the BBC has announced they’re looking into extending CBeebies viewing until 9pm – two hours later than its current 7pm close. WHAT?! That’s our bedtime let alone the kids!

We don’t know much more at this stage apart from it’s one of many proposed changes around the BBC in general – the corporation will first consult with the public and then publish a final report.

Sing along now…

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