The top 20 names for clever people

Want your baby to be a famous writer, artist, composer or poet? Try one of these smart names


The most common names for geniuses have been collected. So you know, if you want your little one to grow up to be a Nobel Prize winner or poet laureate then try one of these for size.


The names were worked out from a database of 14,750 names of notable philosophers, mathematicians, writers, artists and composers, poet laureates and Nobel Prize winners, by genealogy website MooseRoots.

Now, of course, we know being named John or Mary isn’t actually going to make your child a prodigy.

But – just for fun – here are the top 20 genius names for boys and girls – see if your name is on there. 

Top 10 names for male geniuses

  1. John
  2. Robert
  3. William
  4. Charles
  5. David
  6. James
  7. Richard
  8. Johann
  9. George
  10. Paul

Top 10 names for female geniuses

  1. Mary 
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Maria
  4. Anne
  5. Margaret
  6. Susan
  7. Ruth
  8. Anna
  9. Alice
  10. Dorothy

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