The Twitterview: Dr Dawn Harper

Dr Dawn reveals her medicine cabinet must-haves, how her boys would rather watch football than Embarrassing Bodies and shares her new-mum tips


@PPPMAGAZINE: Are your children more or less embarrassed/keen to come to you with their ailments since your involvement with TV show Embarrassing Bodies?


@DrDawnHarper: I don’t think @EmbBodies makes any difference to them really. They ask me because I’m their mum and I guess being a GP helps.

@PPPMAGAZINE: When you were in labour were you a nightmare ‘patient’?

@DrDawnHarper: I hope not! I have had three kids and did seem to work my way through an obstetric textbook of complications though.

@PPPMAGAZINE: Did your advice for women about labour change once you’d been through it?

@DrDawnHarper: I believe in birth plans as long as women know when to let professionals intervene and my experiences definitely consolidated that.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What do your kids think of you being on telly and looking at ‘rude’ things?

@DrDawnHarper: My boys would rather watch football and my daughter is the most squeamish person I know! @EmbBodies has put them all off a career in medicine!

@PPPMAGAZINE: You’re supporting National Bacterial Vaginosis Day with Balance Activ – do you think women are unsure of the symptoms and the implications of BV?

@DrDawnHarper: I know they are! Most women think any discharge is thrush or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) but Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is twice as common as thrush so I hope this campaign changes that.

@PPPMAGAZINE: Do you think women need to be checked more often?

@DrDawnHarper: I would like all women to know the signs to look out for and where to go for help when they need it.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What are your three medicine cabinet must-haves as a parent?

@DrDawnHarper: Calpol, calpol and calpol! Actually calpol, antiseptic and dressings or plasters – mine did a lot of falling over!

@PPPMAGAZINE: Have you ever had something ’embarrassing’ that you’ve had to tell someone about?

@DrDawnHarper: Apart from my children…no! Being serious, I have been blessed with good health so no, but if I did I would make an appointment without delay.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

@DrDawnHarper: Watching them grow-up to become their own people and laughing with them about the funny things they say. I wish I had written it all down.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What would you tell a new mum about to start out as a parent?

@DrDawnHarper: Try not to worry too much. Enjoy each stage of development as it comes and don’t forget to look after you!


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