Thief mum is given time to say goodbye to her children

Sandra Hook was allowed the chance to explain to her children why she wouldn't be returning home for a while.


Former council accountant Sandra Hook, admitted to stealing almost £25,000, but her sentenced was postponed so she could go home and tell her two young children, reports the Metro.


Judge Wait, who deferred Sandra’s sentencing, said it was appalling that her children, aged 6 and 10, would find out through the news or school classmates.

“It’s a matter of common humanity that your children should be told by you and your husband,” he said.

36-year-old Sandra was in court after admitting theft by forging signatures between August 2008 and July 2010 at Walsall council. These signatures authorised fraudulent payments and cash invoices from council-funded projects. Sandra has never repaid any of the money stolen.

Sandra will be sent to prison, but for how long is unknown yet. Our thoughts go to those poor children who will have to be told “mummy’s not coming home.”

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