Third of parents dread cooking for guests at Christmas

Survey shows the big festive family meal is the biggest stress of all


With Christmas just around the corner and with multiple present buying and turkey cooking to be done, it’s a busy time for everyone. However, the prospect of cooking the Christmas dinner for the family is stressing us out the most, a survey has found.


The research by Sainsbury’s discovered that 37% of British families believe that cooking and entertaining guests is the most stressful part of the festive season, with 42% admitting to worrying about the damage it’ll do to their finances.

Another reason we dread cooking the turkey on Christmas day is because we’re worried about catering for those with allergies and intolerances. Out of the people polled, 20% said that gluten free dinners are the hardest to whip up. But the worst to cook for are other people’s children it seems, with 53% citing this as the hardest challenge.

Christmas cooking and entertaining is so stressful and expensive, many families try to avoid hosting the Christmas dinner – 15% say they simply can’t cope and 46% won’t offer a room for the night.


Do you dread cooking Christmas dinner for guests?

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