Round of applause for this dad, everyone ?


He’s managed to come up with a genius solution to a problem many families face – when your baby won’t take the bottle because they only want to be breastfed.

Chris Allen, a dad from Florida in the US, cut up a small hole in his t-shirt and placed the bottle on his chest – to trick his newborn girl Destiny into feeding while mum was at work.

He also filmed a self-facing video of the whole thing and shared the funny (but actually really interesting) experience on Facebook…

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“Mommy had to go work so Daddy’s helping out,” he said in the 30-second clip. “I guess it’s like breastfeeding, right? Gotta love it!”

It’s racked up over 345,000 views on Chris’s page so far, and over 5.4 million views on the page Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

Of course, there’s been a lot of reaction, but most of it was pretty positive…

“A daddy's got to do what a daddy's got to do?” wrote one Facebook user.

Another chimed in with a joke: “Now that is one crafty daddy!! Kudos to him! Now he just needs a cover ??? BFMT why didn't you sensor this? ??lord think of the children. Seriously though my husband should try this.”

Now, if you’ve ever faced this situation, you’ll know Chris’s solution is pretty close to one school of thought that says you should make bottle-drinking as close to the breastfeeding experience as possible – such as having things that smell like mum nearby (such as a cloth to wrap around the bottle) and ensuring the bottle is a similar temperature.

Hopefully, you won't need to cut up any clothes...

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Images/Video: Facebook/Chris Allen

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