With tears of joy in her eyes and her hand clasped to her mouth in disbelief – Kim Overton watches surrogate Cyndee give birth to her son.


The 45-year-old has blogged her journey to motherhood and described it as a "dream come true".


You see, when Kim was 34 and single with no children, she was told she had fibroid tumours – and around her 35th birthday she had 11 tumours removed from within the walls of her uterus.

Nearly 5 years later, and still single, Kim decided to be a "solo starter" and had her first son at the age of 39.


But she was unable to get pregnant again.

"That’s when I began to think about surrogacy," she wrote. "It hadn’t occurred to me before because I was able to get pregnant with my first son. But there I was, wanting a second child and not being able to have one."

After talking to family, Kim's cousin's 26-year-old daughter Cyndee – already a mum to 2 girls – offered to be her surrogate.


"After two unsuccessful transfers of embryos from my eggs, I nearly gave up," Kim wrote. "I didn’t want to keep going through this over and over again. The emotional toll was becoming too much to bear. But after a lot of thinking, meditating, and praying, I decided I was going to give it one more try."

After another false start, in July 2015, Cyndee was confirmed pregnant – and now she's given birth to Kim's son Oliver.


"My husband, who I met and married after I started the surrogacy process, was a gift from Heaven," Kim wrote. "He was so incredibly supportive of where I was at in my journey as a solo starter."


And now Kim is sharing the photos of her son Oliver's birth to inspire other parents, writing: "If you are facing surrogacy as your only option to have a child, I wish you a very loving and enjoyable experience.

"Once you get all of your paperwork in place, open your mind to the experience that lies ahead. The child may not be in your tummy, but you get to spend nine months preparing for his/her arrival, and you will be the child’s parent all the same."

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