So, here at MFM we've come across a new term today - 'tiered party'.


Heard of it? Neither had we. Though, it turns out, it might actually just be giving a name to something a fair few of us have been doing for years.

It's basically the term that's being given to a situ where you have a party for your little one with, say, 20 or so kids, and then invite just a small number of them to stay and have a sleepover afterwards.

Kind of like the deal with weddings where some people join in for the full day while others get the 'evening only' invite. ??

Sounds fair enough? Or not?

A few mums chatting about it on another well-known parenting forum weren't happy with the 2-tier idea at all, one saying:

"I understand that some parents want to do exactly what their children want, maybe can't fit all children in their home for a sleepover," she wrote.

"But am I being unreasonable to expect parents to do the adult thing and treat all partygoers the same on the day, and perhaps have a sleepover at a different time?"

Though others thought this was being a tad too sensitive:

"I wouldn't give it a second thought! Couldn't invite more than 2 to our house for a sleepover because of space.

"If it was EVERY child APART from your son that would be mean but if not I don't see a problem," wrote another.

And, here at MFM, we can see a few sides to this one. Everyone has the right to do what they want, for one thing.

But if you had the kid who thought they were best mates with the party girl and found out through another child that others were doing a sleepover and they weren't invited, you might be pretty gutted on your little one's behalf ?

We're also wondering why any mum would want to host a sleepover after a busy party afternoon - our tactic would most definitely be to get everyone out and have an evening to ourselves.

And we, at least, would be more inclined to save the sleepover for another weekend. After all, you can have too much fun...

What do you think?

Have you ever had a tiered party for your little one? Or been to one?

Are they fair enough - or do you think it's best to save the sleepover for a later date?

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