Tina Malone, best known for playing Mimi in Shameless, has became a mum for the second time this week – at the age of 50.


Her new baby girl is called Flame, and Tina announced Flame’s arrival on Twitter, saying: “Proud to announce the arrival of our BABY GIRL. Can’t wait to spend Xmas as a family xxxx”

Tina's first daughter, from a previous relationship, is 33 – so there's a bit of an age gap between the siblings!

Tina was due to have her baby by Caesarian section on New Year’s Eve, but was induced two weeks’ early because she had high blood pressure.

The actress met her husband, Paul Chase-Malone, 31, a personal trainer, when she was at a weight-loss boot camp, where she lost more than 11 stone with the help of an exercise regime and a gastric band.

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“My mum always said I don’t do things by halves – I had a baby at 17 and now I'm 50 and pregnant and it's just wonderful,” she told Daybreak back in May.

“I'd always wanted another child but the time was never right. You know what, you could drop dead tomorrow.

“My mother is 74 years of age. She’s at the gym two or three times a week, potters around with her sisters shopping – she can be on the dance floor til 2am. I’m fitter now than I was 20 years ago – I’ve lost 11 stone, I’m 15 years sober.”

Tina got pregnant after IVF treatment in Cyprus. She and Paul found out they were expecting twins live on This Morning earlier this year but were heartbroken to discover, in June, that one of the twins had died in the womb.

A documentary,Tina Malone: Pregnant at 50, will air on TLC soon.