“TLR is the new TLC” says Strictly’s Tina O’Brien

TLR (talking, listening, responding) is the message of a new celeb-led campaign to get mums talking to their babies from birth

The National Literacy Trust (NLT) has launched a campaign to encourage parents to communicate with their babies from a young age – ideally before they’re even born! Its Talk To Your Baby campaign has enlisted the help of celeb mums including Blue Peter’s Katy Hill and actress Tina O’Brien to encourage parents to get their babies babbling.


This year is the National Year of Communication but the NLT are concerned that even though 78% of parents know how crucial it is to support their child’s language development, a huge 82% say they need more information on what they can do to help their little ones.

The campaign encourages parent to give their babies a little TLR (talking, listening and responding) at least five times a day.

“TLR is the new TLC!” explains Strictly’s Tina O’Brien. “You and your child will get so much out of talking together and it doesn’t have to be hard work. Scarlett and I have such a giggle when we’re talking together and it’s great to know that I’m giving her language skills she’ll have for life.”


Katy Hill agrees. “Ever since my 4 year old Kaya was in the womb I’ve talked to her,” she says. “And when she was a baby, I talked her through our days together – even the routine things like running errands. Now I also have a 1-year-old son Akira, and I’m doing exactly the same thing with him. It’s amazing how much he understands, and I find it so rewarding when he tries to converse with me by babbling!  For me, language creates such a special bond.”

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