Today’s babies are over stimulated by pushy parents

Too many baby classes and packed schedules erode mums’ natural bond with their babies, claims expert


Babies’ natural way of learning is being challenged by too many baby classes, claims a childcare expert, who has written a book about baby development.


Sylvie Hetu claims that pushy parents who pack their babies’ day full of classes, such as yoga, swimming and dance, are actually working against the natural way babies bond and develop.

“It’s quite common for babies to have a class every day,” Sylvie said. “Babies respond well to human voices, human faces and human touch, and they will naturally open themselves to the world… Babies need the calm presence of their parents. That is the stimulation they need.

“They also need to be protected from too much stimulation,” she added.

In Sylvie Hetu’s book Too much, too soon? she explains how traditional bonding, such as singing lullabies, is simple but more effective that forced baby activities.

“All cultures have lullabies. But this is the first generation of parents who do not routinely and intuitively sing to their babies,” Sylvie said.

“Singing used to be as natural as talking, and now it has become something nobody wants to do because it is not ‘cool’ to do so,” she continued.

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