Toddler comes face to face with escaped tiger

Drama at American zoo for 2-year-old girl


A 2-year-old girl came face to face with a Bengal tiger after it escaped from its zoo enclosure, reports the Daily Mail.


Mum, Diana Barrett says she turned around and saw her toddler, Dianita calmly staring into the eyes of a 230kg tiger, named Mahesh.

Mahesh had jumped the 12ft fence out of his enclosure and was wandering around Jungle Island Zoo in Miami.

“I rounded the corner and she’s standing there staring at this tiger,” said Diana. “The tiger was very calm and I didn’t want to make it anxious at all so I took a few steps towards Diana, picked her up, and walked in the other direction.”

Zoo officials are blaming a roaming Gibbon monkey for antagonising Mahesh the tiger.


One lucky toddler, eh?


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