Toddler damages King’s Speech Oscar statue

King’s Speech co-producer reveals damage to Oscar after letting his daughter play with the golden man


The Oscar winning crew of the King’s Speech have revealed their emergency visit to Oscar “A&E” after co-producer Simon Egan’s daughter accidentally dropped the statue while having her picture taken.
The 15-month-old dropped the statue after being given it to pose with by the grandson of the speech therapist depicted in the film, Lional Logue.


“Like everyone else I was celebrating off in one corner of the garden with some friends when I saw my daughter looking very cute with the Oscar having her picture taken,” explained Simon. “And then I saw that horrific moment where the statue just fell and it didn’t fall on the grass – it fell on the concrete.”

“We rushed over to look at the damage and saw a bashed head and gold plating fallen off the chest, a damaged shoulder and a dented stand,” he continued.  “My first thought was, “Oh God, what is that going to look like on the mantelpiece!”

But after the initial panic, Simon called the Academy to see if anything could be done. The Academy responded quickly and after visiting the offices, the producers were able to take away a brand spanking new statue.

“Apparently this has happened before and thankfully I get to carry home the little golden fella in an undented state,” Simon said.


Has your child accidentally broken something important? Tell us your heart stopping moments!

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