Toddler helps paralysed mum learn to walk and talk again

Baby Ella reached milestone moments along with her mother


After being left paralysed by an operation, a Sheffield mother learned to walk and talk again at the same time as her toddler daughter.


35-year-old Samira Furniss suffered paralysis after a procedure to remove blood clots from her brain, with doctors predicting she would be severely brain damaged.

Despite being unable to walk, talk or sit up after the operation, Samira took inspiration from toddler Ella, battling to achieve milestones such as her first step and word at the same time as her daughter.

“I was so determined to get better to look after Ella – I wanted to run around with her in the park and be the best mum I could,” explained Samira.

“I didn’t want her to be running around while I was still stuck in my wheelchair – so it became a bit of a race to see which one of us would take our first steps. Ella beat me by a week – but once we’d both mastered taking one step, we progressed together, one step at a time.”

Doctors were left astounded by the progress made by the mother-of-one, who also learned to talk alongside her daughter.

“When Ella said her first word in March 2011, we were suddenly both trying to talk at the same time, with our speech getting more sophisticated at the same pace” confirmed Samira, who doctors say has now made an 85% recovery.

Samira has now used her experience to set up a charity, the Samira Furniss Charity Fund, which raises money to help others who have suffered brain injuries.


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