Toddler survives amazing ‘jigsaw’ skull surgery

Two-year-old Ethan Mair has his skull fused back together


Ethan Mair, 2, was saved from a rare condition by having his skull broken apart and put back together like a jigsaw.


He was suffering from something called craniosynostosis, which means his skull fused together before he was born, preventing his brain from growning.

He underwent 5 hours of surgery to have his skull reshaped and then put back together.

His mother, Ashlea Mair, told the MailOnline: “When I realised that Ethan’s skull would be broken apart and then pieced back together, I was shocked.

“It was described to me as though his skull was like a jigsaw puzzle.

“Then when he had the surgery and we were told that he’d lost so much blood from his head that he’d had a full body blood transfusion, I was horrified. It was heart breaking to think what he’d been through.

“But with his skull fused together, his brain wouldn’t have been able to grow and he could have ended up with eye sight, speech or mobility problems.

“He’s been left with a big zigzag scar across his scalp, but that’s slowly being hidden with a full head of blonde hair. He’s doing really well,” she said.

Doctors realised Ethan had a problem when he was just four-weeks-old. He has now fully recovered and is at home with his mum and his sister, Teigan, aged four.

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