Toddler’s tears and tantrums become internet hit!

Dad posts Tumblr blog of crying challenges every parent faces...


The latest Internet sensation sweeping the nation is a humble Tumblr account entitled ‘Reasons My Son is Crying’, posted by American father of two, Greg Pembroke. 


Over 600,000 people logged on last week to scroll through the gallery of images of 21-month old Charlie and his older brother William, in various states of tantrum.

Not since renowned YouTube clip, Charlie bit my finger (a different Charlie!), went viral has there been such a widespread reaction to a child crying. Although since then, we have seen reams of babies dancing Gangnam style and bopping along to beats in their highchairs

Every meltdown has been captured and posted on Pembroke’s Tumblr account, with a single sentence underneath revealing the source of the teary outbursts.

Parents are apparently identifying with the unexplained reasons for the strops, with explanations ranging from ‘Because I wouldn’t let him drink bathwater’ to ‘We helped him put on the boots he loves to wear’ and ‘The car seat. Always the car seat.’

MFM’s favourite is ‘I broke this cheese in half’. This cheese-loving toddler is obviously a boy after our own heart.

After a series of studies, researchers at the University of Minnesota and the University of Connecticut have said that the trick to stopping a tantrum is to simply do nothing and let the child get past his anger.

Some parents have found the images of Charlie in tears upsetting, with one mum posting on Twitter @JolieKerr: “I’d cry too if my dad made fun of me on the internet.”

What do you think? Is it a bit cruel to post pictures of your child crying online, or is it a bit of fun that all parents can identify with? Let us know by commenting below.

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