He’s best known as frontman to pop-rock band McFly – and, more recently, as dad to 5-month-old Buzz.


But now Tom Fletcher and his bandmate Dougie Poynter, have written their 3rd children’s book in The Dinosaur that Pooped series.

So we caught up with the boys to talk children’s books, babies and of course, poop!

What were your favourite children's books growing up?

Tom: I loved Dr Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham was my favourite

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Dougie: Dogger by Shirley Hughes. The ending gave me the same feeling as the ending of Home Alone when his mum returns!

Tom, what are Buzz's favourite books?

T: He loves Elmer because of the bright colours. He also likes to screw up the pages at the moment!

Do you read The Dinosaur That Pooped books to him?

T: Of course! He loves them but mostly just the pictures at the moment as he is a bit young to appreciate the text!

When do you think you should start reading to your baby?

T: I think from a really early age – from birth really, so you make it part of the routine along with feeding and bath time and so on. The rhythm of the human voice is soothing for them

Any tips for getting them more engaged in the story?

T: I like to do funny animated voices – that makes him laugh!


How does writing a children's book together compare to writing a song together?

D: It’s a very similar process. We work together in the same sort of way, bouncing ideas off each other. There is less poo in our songs though!

The book is really funny, and certainly made us laugh. Tom, what do you do to make Buzz laugh?

T: He likes my silly voices when reading and loves me playing the ukulele. He also laughs when I play the horsey game and bounce him on my knee.

Poop is a big theme in your books. Haven't you had enough of poop, Tom, as a new dad? Have you had any major poop mishaps with Buzz?

T: Yes, he likes to wait for his nappy to come off then do an explosive poop. He also poops in the bath!

What do you and Buzz like to do on a day off?

T: We like to chill out at home. My wife bought me a hammock recently, so we both nap in that. We also go swimming and for long walks.

What's next for the dinosaur and its poop?

D: A lot more poop – bigger and smellier!

The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter is out to buy now.

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