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Top 10 New Year resolutions revealed

Check out the optimistic vows that Brits are making and tips on how to keep them!

A brand new year is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about changes you want to make for 2013.


If you haven’t set your New Year resolutions yet, find inspiration in the latest research by gym chain LA fitness.

Whilst Brits are still making traditional health and fitness related resolutions, the top 40 resolutions revealed a host of new goals from trying a new haircut to calling people rather than texting them.

Top 10 resolutions for 2013

  • Read more books
  • Save more money
  • Lose weight
  • Re-decorate
  • Take better photos
  • I want to go travelling
  • I want to sell old stuff I don’t need on Ebay
  • Buy a tablet
  • Organise photos: either get them printed, and/or delete poor ones, save good pics
  • Do something for charity

Some more amusing resolutions on the list included socialise more in real life rather than on Facebook, watch less reality TV and learn how to use Twitter.

Interestingly, spending more time with kids came in at 11, while quitting smoking ranked 26.

According to a survey conducted by Cancer Research UK, 4 in 10 people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after two weeks.

If you’re lacking willpower take inspiration from Men’s Fitness editor Jon Lipsey’s five top tips to stick to your New Year’s resolutions:

  • Choose one thing: Pick one habit that will have the biggest impact on your life if changed and focus on it.
  • Make it easy: Don’t start by planning to train for an hour every day or eat nothing but meat and veg if that’s a huge change in your habits.
  • Ignore the negatives: Focusing on what you’re not going to do can lead to a ‘behavioural ironic rebound’ so focus on positives rather than negatives.
  • Use if/then patterns: Programme your brain as you would a computer and you won’t need to wrestle with temptation all the time.
  • Get help: Joining forces with a partner boosts your chances of sticking to your resolutions.

Here at MFMs we hope these top tips help you beat the odds so 2013 is your best year yet! Do you have a New Year's resolution? Let us know below...


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