Toy Story 3 - launch of brand new toys!

The Disney Store has unveiled its brand new Toy Story 3 character range with an explosion of Woody’s, Buzz Lightyear’s and Mr Potato Heads!


The lovable toys took over the store in London’s Westfield and MFM were lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive preview.

Mingling with an array of celebrity parents including Gail Porter and Dancing on Ice star Gary Lucy, we sampled the latest offerings from the Disney store including Buzz and Woody themed Mr Potato Heads, plush character toys and rails upon rails of dressing up outfits.

Check out our pick of the top 10 Toy Story 3 toys, all available from the Disney Store...


Buzz Light Year Potato Head

Buzz Lightyear Potato Head, £10

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Bulls Eye

Bull's Eye Marionette, £10


Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog money bank, £20


Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken set, £20



Rex bean bag, £7


Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head t-shirt, £10

Available from ages 2-8 years and can be personalised.


Buzz Lightyear LEGO

Contstruct a Buzz LEGO, £20


Alien ball

Alien Ball, £4


Army soldiers

Bucket of army soldiers, £6



Woody outfit, £20


Available from ages 3-11 years.