Former TOWIE cast member Billi Mucklow sent commenters into a tizz over her recent Instagram photo.


The snap, of Billi’s footballer fiancé Andy Carroll and their adorable 1-year-old son Arlo, shows the tot being playfully thrown into the air while in the pool on holiday in Thailand.

“My View ? #MyBoys ?” she wrote beside the pic.

It’s undeniably a photogenic moment – the sun is shining, the water is glistening, there are palm trees in the background. All in all, the pic is a lovely way to document the bond between father and son.

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But some fans were left questioning whether or not Andy was throwing Arlo a little too high...

“Wow that is a bit too high in the air... for the little man,” said one.

Another added: “He ain't a rugby ball.”

But others were quick to defend the couple, saying: “Not that high from his dads hands is he? I think they know what they're doing with THEIR child!”

“Isn't it sad that you constantly have people picking at your parenting? You are amazing parents,” said another.

We have to admit, this really got us thinking – is there such a thing as too high? And is it different when you’re in the pool, for example, than if you’re sat in the living room?

Do you or your family throw your little one in the air? If so, how do you decide when high is too high? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter

Image: Instagram/Billi Mucklow

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