Traditional teddy bears have beaten Winnie the Pooh, Paddington and Rupert in a poll of the nation’s favourite bears.


The survey by Travelodge asked 6,000 Brits which teddy bear was their all time favourite.

The traditional ted, like Little and Big Ted from Playschool, came out on top. Honey guzzling Winne the Pooh was a close second, followed by a polite little bear in a blue duffle coat, also known as Paddington.

The survey comes after it was revealed a massive 75,000 cuddly teddy bears were left behind in hotels over the last 12 months.

The fun survey also saw 51% of adults admitting to still having a teddy bear from their childhood, with the average age of their bears being 27 years.

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And if you think it’s just children who like a cuddle with a teddy bear, think again, as 35% of adults say they still find it comforting to have a teddy as it helps them to sleep.

If you’re a dad who still likes a cuddle, you’re not alone! The survey also revealed 15% of men use a teddy bear style hot water bottle to save embarrassment.

The top 10 teddy bears voted by the Great British public are:

  1. The classic Teddy bear such as Little and Big Ted from Playschool
  2. Winnie the Pooh
  3. Paddington Bear
  4. Tatty Bear
  5. Sooty
  6. Care Bears
  7. Yogi Bear
  8. Fozzie Bear
  9. Rupert the Bear
  10. Super Ted / Baloo

Who’s your favourite bear to cuddle? Share your thoughts below…