TV presenter Sophie Raworth tests out US ‘FAST’ parenting scheme

Sophie struggles with requirement to give child 15 minutes undivided attention each day


A new parenting programme from America, which calls for 15 minutes one-on-one time with your children, is being tested by presenter Sophie Raworth for a new BBC programme.


Called Families And Schools Together (FAST ), the scheme is being introduced to primary schools in the UK, after success in the States.

Sophie Raworth’s attempts to follow the eight-week programme for a new BBC documentary called Parents Under Pressure. She’s implementing the rules with her three children aged six, five and three.

Part of the scheme requires setting aside 15 minutes each day with each child, where the child chooses the activity and parents have to follow it without any criticism or instructions.

Most importantly, there must be no sneaking a peek at your phone, emails or the telly during the 15 mins.

Sophie admitted she’s been finding it quite tough going. “I’ve now moved my computer out of my kitchen so I’m not tempted to go on it, and I switch my phone to silent when I’m playing with them.” (Notice the switch to silent and not off.)


“But it’s very easy to lose concentration and leap up and make a cup of tea,” confesses Sophie. “I think we’ve all forgotten how to sit still.”


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