Two-year-old girl insulted at restaurant

Waiter leaves rude message on receipt


A not-so-family-friendly Mexican restaurant in Halifax was left red faced after a family discovered that their daughter had been described as a little ‘f***er’ – on the receipt!


The astonished parents of hungry daughter Molly Cartin, 2, complained about the slow service at the newly opened restaurant where they sat in the designated kids’ zone. Their complaints were passed onto the waiter, and after their meal they received their food bill, which featured the insult.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. The meal was indifferent anyway but to be abused on the bill is unbelievably offensive – it’s awful behaviour,” Molly’s dad Craig Cartin told the Metro.

The insult appeared in amongst the food orders and was clearly an insult to the 2-year-old child.

Restaurant owner Steve Ryan has apologised for the message and the member of staff responsible has been sacked. The family have also been offered a free meal.


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