We need more breastfeeding support, say UK mums

Poll shows that new mums (and dads) don’t think there’s enough breastfeeding help and guidance available – do you agree?


Nearly 70% of new parents don’t believe the government is providing enough funding to support breastfeeding women ?


That’s according to a new survey of 1344 new mums and dads, conducted by The Baby Show (full disclosure: we’re not connected to the survey, but we are the headline sponsor of the show.)

Only 37% of those asked thought that breastfeeding was ‘easy’ – and a whopping 84% said they needed to seek assistance from their midwives, NHS breastfeeding clinics and lactation consultants, or health visitors.

But, while they were generally happy with the support they did receive, they felt generally that support was lacking, or at least, support seemed inaccessible.

More than a third of the parents asked found that NHS counselling services weren’t readily available and more than half of parents admitted that they’re concerned that the government are closing down clinics as a way to cut their costs.

Naturally, approx half hought Theresa May and co should be investing more in breastfeeding clinics.

“The essential support that high-quality and accessible breastfeeding services provide for new families across the country has been systematically squeezed and dis-banded in recent months and years,” Vanessa Christie, Lactation Consultant and Breastfeeding Expert at The Baby Show, said, following the poll.

“I have worked with thousands of new families at the frontline and know first-hand how quickly and easily problems can spiral when the right support is not available…

“Primarily due to lack of access to both staff with specialist credentials and invaluable mother-to-mother peer support programs and due to increasing pressure on existing healthcare services.”

Indeed, the feeling that there’s little support for breastfeeding new mums is also mirrored in the stats around breastfeeding in public, too.

85% of mums said they still felt a real stigma around it, even though almost all said it should be considered fine to feed in public.

Not the happiest stats we’ve ever read, to be honest – but we’d really love to know what you think of these ?

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