UK parents use toddlers as alarm clocks

Nearly half of UK parents rely on their kids to wake them up, but many wish it wasn’t so early


Over half of UK parents have admitted to feeling “controlled” by their children’s sleep patterns, according to new research by the Gro Company.


Polling 2,000 parents of children under 7, the researchers found that nearly half (45%) rely on their little early risers to get them up every day. Over a quarter (26%) have done away with their alarm clock altogether.

But we’re not all that happy about it. Over a third (36%) of parents surveyed agreed that their children always woke up earlier than they would like them to.

“We know how difficult it can be for children to understand when it’s acceptable to get up in the morning,” said Catherine Fairchild from The Gro Company. “Often, they believe their day starts – and that of the whole family – when they first wake up, whatever time it is.”

Waking early is a common problem, but there are a few tricks you can try to help you and your tot get a bit more shuteye.

Can you use your little one as an alarm clock?

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