UK TV presenter revels secret three-year battle with PND

Loose Women and GMTV host Andrea McLean reveals the long struggle she had with postnatal depression after giving birth to her daughter


Popular TV presenter Andrea McLean has spoken for the first time about her struggle with postnatal depression, after suffering in silence for three years.


“It was a dark time for me but I didn’t want to burden anyone with what was going on,” the Loose Women presenter said in an interview with the Mirror.

Andrea, 42, experienced PND for three years after the birth of her second child, daughter Amy, now 5. It’s only now, two years after recovering from the condition, that she’s felt able to talk about her experiences.

“I put up with it for far too long,” the bubbly presenter said. “Of course I thought it was insane, I wasn’t myself at all, and I knew it wasn’t right. But I kept thinking: ‘This will pass, it’s only a phase, I’ll be fine’.”

Andrea revealed that once she visited the doctor, she was relieved to discover the diagnosis.

“She explained it sounded like postnatal depression. It was a relief to hear, because I knew then I could do something about it.”

PND wasn’t the only side effect of having a baby that Andrea’s dealt with. She also had an umbilical hernia removed this year, which had been causing her stomachache ever since Amy’s birth.

Now, because of her experiences, Andrea’s made the decision not to have more children.

“I was 40 and it was as if my biological clock was going absolutely bonkers – I was smelling babies everywhere and was desperate for another,” mum-of-two Andrea said. “But it wasn’t the right thing to do… Part of it is the fear of things in the past happening again, the postnatal depression, the sickness from the hernia. But part of it is just down to the stage I’m at in life.”

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