Unborn baby given an ASBO

Mum-to-be couldn’t believe it when she received a letter saying her unborn son was to get an ASBO


Damien and Charlotte Childs, from Lincoln, are eagerly awaiting the birth of their son, who has received an anti-social behavior order (ASBO) for causing a nuisance!


“The letter said there had been an incident of anti-social behavior and our child was identified. I would love to know how a 36-week-old foetus has managed to go to the park and cause trouble without me noticing,” said mum-to-be Charlotte.

Extraordinarily, the letter was even addressed to their baby boy, using one of the names his parents have chosen to call him.

“We’re just hoping it’s not an omen because the name used was George Childs. We won’t be using that as a middle name anymore,” Charlotte said.


“This is clearly an admin mistake and we apologise,” said James Newall, of Lincolnshire police. It seems an alleged troublemaker has the same surname as the Childs.

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