Urine not best weapon against UK jellyfish invasion

Beware of jellyfish which are swarming the British coast this summer and don't wee on any stings!


Do you remember that Friends episode, “The One with the Jellyfish”, where Joey wees on Monica after she has been stung by a jellyfish? Well, although it was a hilarious story line, it seems that the sitcom’s scientific researchers were sadly misinformed.


With Britain’s seas reportedly being turned into a “jellyfish soup” this summer, the Red Cross advises against using urine to lessen the pain of jellyfish stings, despite popular belief, and suggests seawater or vinegar as more effective solutions.

“A sting from a jellyfish can be extremely painful, but trying to treat it with urine isn’t going to make your day any better. If people have been stung, they need to get out of the water to avoid getting stung again”, says Joe Milligan, head of first aid at the British Red Cross.

So with the imminent jellyfish invasion in mind, if you’re heading to British beaches, make sure you go armed with vinegar, or remember to run back to the sea if you’re stung. At least these should be a bit less awkward to apply on a crowded beach…

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