Victoria Beckham in home-help shocker

World rocked by the revelation that Victoria Beckham hires people


Victoria Beckham has revealed to Vogue Australia that she has help around the house.


Blowing the myth that one of the UK’s most famous women – thought to be worth £29m – leads a normal family life, the Daily Mail today said that the revelation has finally answered the question on all our lips: “Just how does she do it?”

In the illuminating interview, Victoria Beckham confesses that her and her husband employ a team of 5 helpers including a chef, a nanny and a housekeeper.  

“I can’t do it all myself,” the former Spice Girl admits.

Until now, mums across the world were been scratching their heads in befuddlement at how the international jet-setting wife of international superstar David Beckham was able to maintain a demanding career of modeling, designing and public appearances and do all the household chores too.  

Today’s news has put paid to fears that Victoria was having to do the washing up, the school run, the weekly supermarket shop, the hoovering, the cooking, the picking up of toys and the laundry all by herself.

Life is difficult at the top, as Victoria can testify. Despite having a team of helpers the mum-of-four says she rarely has the energy to watch television by the end of the day.

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