Victoria Beckham’s crazy post-baby diet rumour

New mum Victoria is allegedly following a new “Five-Hands” diet to shed her baby weight before New York Fashion Week


It’s been pretty quiet on the Victoria Beckham front lately. And according to Grazia, that’s because she’s in hiding as she preps her post-baby body for New York Fashion Week.


The crazy eating regime she’s alleged to be following is known as the “Five-Hands diet”, which allows the dieter to eat just five handfuls of food a day.

After having a fourth caesarean, Victoria has been ordered to take it easy on the exercise front. Following orders, she’s sticking to gentle postnatal exercises and pilates, but she’s also supposedly relying on palm-sized portions of high protein foods, such as fish, to help her shed the reported 1st 7lb of baby weight she put on during her pregnancy with Harper Seven.

However, if the reports that Victoria’s planning to breastfeed her daughter are true, she’ll need more than a few handfuls of grub to help keep her energy up, so we’re hope the diet talk is all just gossip.

“In a few weeks’ time she’ll pick up her normal gym routine again and start training with Tracey Anderson,” said a source, reports Grazia. And by the look of Tracey’s other clients, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria could be making jaws drops on the runway come September. We think we’d rather keep our PJs on!

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