VIDEO: Apple’s iOS7 update makes 4-year-old cry

Little boy wails ‘I don’t want it’ when seeing Apple’s changes


Apple’s iOS7 update was released last week to overhaul the way iPhones and iPads look and work.


The update has received a pretty mixed response from adults. Some love the sleek new design, while others complain it’s too animated and hanker after their old operating systems.

But there’s one part of the tech community whose response has gone unheard… until now.

This touching video reveals what happened when four-year-old Jack was presented with the new update on his dad Derek Colling’s iPad.

Jack instantly bursts into tears and his bemused dad asks: “What’s different?”

Jack sobs: “Everything.”

Derek explains: “After I showed him he said he didn’t like it and wanted the old one back. He was fine with everything until he realised that it wasn’t a simple setting to switch back.”

The video goes to show how much changing technology impacts our little ones.

Have you updated to the new iOS7 yet? What do your children think of it?

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