Volunteers wanted to break the world record for largest pass the parcel!

Woolies wants you to nominate your town to be involve and possibly bag hundreds of pounds worth of goodies


Woothworths is making a fleeting return to the high street this year, as it attempts to break the world record for the biggest pass the parcel ever.


The online-only shop is asking people to nominate their town to pass the parcel. Ten towns will then be picked and the winning nominators will get the chance to rip away another layer of parcel, bagging around £500 worth of Christmas goodies, toys and pick’n’mix.

The parcel is the size of a small car and smaller prizes will be handed out to the first 100 people from each town that come to meet Woolies’ mascot snowmen Stan and Ollie.

“The kinds of letters we’d love to get would give a good reason why the writer’s town deserves to get a visit. It could be that they believe their town is the most festive in the UK, or they really miss their local Woolies, or they simply want to have the best Christmas ever,” explained the snowmen, Stan and Ollie.

They also plan to visit a children’s hospital ward at every stop to deliver a selection of the most popular toys on the Woolies website.


You can head online to nominate your town.


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