Vote for your favourite Supermum

Voting for the winner of the Milton SuperMum of the Year

Vote for your favourite Supermum

We had so many wonderful entries to our Supermum competition, in association with Prima Baby and sterilising experts Milton, that the judges had a very hard time choosing who should go through to the final. But after deliberating long and hard the following five worthy finalists are awaiting your vote to help make them our Supermum 2010.


Read their entries and then click through to vote for whichever finalist you think should win!

First prize is a pampering spa break for two and a year’s supply of Milton products.
Second prize is a massage or facial, plus a year’s supply of Milton products.
Third prize is a pampering Champneys Bath & Body Hamper.

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Vote for your favourite Supermum


‘I think I’m a Supermum because I do everything I possibly can to make my baby’s life fulfilled. She is a one year old girl called Layla and the happiest baby my friends and I have ever come across. I am a single parent and receive no help from the father whatsoever, but I don’t intend to let that stop me. I stay positive at all times and try to make everything interesting, educational and fun for my daughter. I believe that quality time with a child is the most important thing in order for them to flourish. There is no need to spoil them with lots of expensive toys, as long as you are there to encourage, support and love them, that is all they need. we go to the park, we go swimming, she interacts with other babies and children, and always has a full, interesting day.’



Vote for your favourite Supermum

LAURIE GODLEY (nominated by her cousin)

‘I would like to nominate my cousin Laurie Godley for the award. Laurie has had three children, Elizabeth, Benjamin and Elliot. Unfortunately Elizabeth did not survive her first day on this earth, and as you can imagine for any woman, any couple, any family, this was the most devastating thing to ever happen. Laurie and her husband now raise a huge amount of funds and awareness of pre-natal death syndrome. Laurie went through the horror of losing her first-born, but also post-natal depression when she had her subsequent children, which has been really hard for everyone. In spite of what she has been through however, she always manages to keep her home full of love, happiness and laughter, while working with disadvantaged children as a music therapist, and volunteering as a counsellor for other families who have lost children.



Vote for your favourite Supermum

SONYA JARDINE (nominated by her sister)

‘I would like to nominate my sister for your ‘Supermum’ award as I believe she is a worthy winner. To her credit Sonya has two beautiful children whom I am proud to call my niece and nephew. She has the patience of a saint and always puts them first. She works hard caring for the elderly, and the rest of the time ensuring Amy and Liam have love, fun and stability in abundance. If money were no object, I’m sure they would vacate to Disneyworld, but my sister has the ability to make a local camping trip seem like a magical adventure, and they return with so many happy stories. My sister rarely has any ‘me time’ as there are always other nice things she could be doing with her kids.’



Vote for your favourite Supermum

JUSTINE MEAD (nominated by a friend)

‘In September 2008 Justine tragically lost her dear baby girl, Emilia. Justine and her loved ones were devastated and we were all so worried about her. But as always Justine was a tower of strength. She mourned but she did not become bitter or resentful. She was strong for her two other children and family and friends. She continued to work as an accountant, and she continued to be the most reliable, loving and thoughtful friend, even though her heart was breaking. We were inspired by her strength and optimism. Last December Justine turned 40 and a month later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Oliver. Although Oliver will never take Emilia’s place in his mother’s heart, he is testimoney to her resilience, her faith in life, and her capacity for love. Justine is not just a supermum, she is a super wife, daughter, sister, colleague and friend.’



Vote for your favourite Supermum


‘I would like to enter this competition. I am embarrassed entering it for myself but I feel I am in a position that needs a supermum status. I have a 7 month old baby girl, Gracie Jayne, and a 4 year old son Oliver. I am a firefighter on maternity leave at the moment, desperately trying my utmost to retrain and get back to firefighting before my wage goes to nothing. My husband Danny is currently serving in Afghanistan for 7 months as a Royal Marine Sergeant, so I have a house to run, including all the ‘Daddy’ duties too. I have also decided that I need to do more financially for the future of my family so I have started my own cleaning company. I also help my father with the paperwork for his job, and I teach First Aid on a part-time basis for extra money. I only do all these jobs because I want to provide for my family.’



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