Want your child to be good at maths? Think positive!

Minister launches campaign to encourage parents to stop talking negatively about maths


Not that great at maths? Don’t tell your kids!


That’s the message from Welsh Education minister, Huw Davies, whose trying to convince parents to stay positive about all things mathematical.

Why? Because experts are worried that making negative comments about maths in front of your kids can make them feel it’s normal not to like – or be good at – sums.

And loads of us are guilty of dissing maths in public: nearly a third of those questioned in a Welsh government-commissioned poll of 1,000 people said they regularly said things such as “Maths was never my strong point” or “Don’t ask me to do maths; I’m rubbish at it”.

“It’s fair to say that maths is suffering from an image problem,” says Huw Davies, who’s launching a What You Say Counts campaign in Wales, aimed at encouraging parents to get stuck in and give their children a positive attitude to maths. “There is still work to do to change the view in some quarters that maths isn’t really important and that it doesn’t really matter what we say to children about it.

“We understand the value of strong numeracy skills, for life and for employment. If everyone spreads the message that what you say counts when it comes to maths, I’m sure the benefits will add up.”

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MadeForMums Editor – Helen Brown

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