A mum from Redcar has come out with a warning to other parents after her baby received a nasty-looking burn on her leg, as the result of a mobile phone mishap.


Mum-of-3 Rebecca Gleeson was out with her 3 kids when she popped her mobile phone in 5-month-old Rose’s pram.

Little did she know, her mobile had accidentally switched onto camera mode, which caused the screen to heat up rapidly.

Rebecca was tending to her eldest son, Kian, after he’d had a fall, and didn’t realise that Rose’s wriggling had cause the phone to move. It was only when she got she home that she noticed the sore-looking red mark on her little girl's thigh.

“I felt horrible, I was absolutely gutted," Rebecca admitted in a chat with The Mirror. "I felt dead guilty about it. Thankfully she doesn’t seem that bothered by it.


“I had left my phone down the side of her pram and when she has wriggled it’s gone under her leg.”

But it’s important to mention that loads of mums and dads leave phones in prams - because it’s easier than fumbling around with a bag, and means you’ve always got quick access to make a call.

“Everyone has said to me that they do the same - put their keys and phone in the pram - and Rose is my 3rd and it’s never happened before.”

Luckily Rose seems to be on the mend now, but Rebecca took to Facebook after the initial incident to warn families about the potential risks:

“Feeling like such a bad mammy but wanted to tell so other people don't do it.

“Went out today and left my phone in roses pram; it slipped under her leg. In today's heat and I think because she pressed the button which activated the camera (leaving the screen lit) the phone has burnt her leg.

“She was sat there for about 30-35 minutes, only cried for about 5 minutes at the end when my friend picked her up (I was carrying Kian as he hurt himself falling ?)

“Feeling absolutely terrible. “She's had cream and dressed at docs and has to have it checked again Friday. Feel free to share, don't leave phones in babies prams ?”

We’re really glad Rebecca shared this story.

Accidents happen - though we reckon it serves as a cautionary tale, and a reminder to make sure you don’t leave your phone in with your baby if you’re not 100% focused on the pram. Or maybe just don’t pop it in at all.

Images: Facebook/Rebecca Gleeson

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