For any of you who love Gogglebox (and, let's face it, lots of us do) Sandra Martin is a familiar face indeed.


But she's caused a right old storm this week by posting a fake pregnancy announcement on Twitter.

The 53-year-old took to the Twittersphere to share the news that she was pregnant and got lots of comments from well-wishers congratulating her on the news - only later to retract what she'd said.

Sandra HAD been in hospital, as the photo she tweeted showed but she was actually on the ward for high blood pressure, and the baby story was just a bit of mayhem on her part.

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Before she had time to remove her tweet, Sandra was inundated with fans wishing her the best, sending tweets like this:


But once people realised it was all a big joke, the mood changed, as people who had been fooled by her joke felt a bit...well, foolish...and others were simply concerned about her health.

What do you think? Was it harmless fun or do you see why people were upset by it?

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