Billie Faiers’ top tips for planning a wedding after having kids

Wedding planning's never easy but it doesn't get any easier when you're looking after 2 small children, too. Here's bride-ro-be Billie's top tips for making your ceremony happen...


If there’s a celeb wedding the world’s waiting to see – now the royal weddings are done and dusted – it’s probably Billie Faiers’ Spring 2019 nuptials to long term partner Greg Shepherd.


Famously, they’ve been engaged for 4 years – and Billie’s admitted she didn’t want to get married before having their 2 kids, 4-year-old Nelly and 18-month-old Arthur.

“I think it was just timing [that we didn’t marry straight away], and we were just ready to have a baby. When we had Nelly, I said I would like to have another one before we get married because that was more of a priority for me than being married.

“It just worked out that way. Now, we’re really happy: we’ve got the two, and they can both share the day with us.”

What’s it like to plan a wedding when you’re also looking after 2 kids?

As 28-year-old Billie admits, it ain’t so easy planning a destination wedding when you’ve got no time. “It’s really hard,” she says.

“I’m not gonna lie, it is really hard. Because obviously having children – young children – and working and being busy with everything else is very time-consuming, so to do stuff like a table plan..?

“I keep saying to Greg we need to sit down and do it but, by the time the kids have gone to bed and we’ve had dinner, we’re both shattered. And then it’s like, ‘Oh, we can’t be bothered to do that now.'”

Ultimately, the issue is that there are “lots of distractions all the time”. Ummmm, yup, sounds about right to us ?

How to plan a wedding while parenting

First things first, Billie says you need to get yourself organised. “Get a good wedding planning book,” she advises.

“I’ve got one, and you can make [appointments] and stuff and that’s actually really helpful.”

Unless you love your phone to-do lists, keep your wedding planning docs separate from your Notes app, she suggests.

“I’m better at having stuff in front of me than on my phone – but I’ll take this [book] everywhere with me, and if I think of something, I’ll just write it in there.”

Might be easier, too, especially if your little one likes playing games with mummy or daddy’s phone…

“Actually, Nelly did get the book once and she was scribbling and drawing in it – but not over anything important!”

Secondly, you should also carve out time, wherever you can, to do the jobs that need doing.

Finally, just try to relax. Tricky if you’re approaching your set date, but Billie and Greg haven’t raced each other to the altar… and they’re still looking forward to their ceremony in the Maldives.

They’ve already had their stag and hen dos, too. So, don’t be afraid to spread things out a bit to suit your busy schedule ?

Images: Instagram/Billie Faiers

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